To whom ever just sent me this, it’s really awesome!

Anonymous asked:
I'm a girl :3 lol who loves your blog and wants you to come back to tumblr! :)

I have Instagram too you know @fakehiistory c:

Anonymous asked:
I definitely wouldn't unfollow you :3 but I'm just not they type of person to let people in yeah know? I keep them at as much of a distance as possible.

Hey all I wanted to know is who you are c:

I’m still waiting :(

pickles-the-drummer asked:
HAH. I'm actually dead

Ahaha but seriously I don’t know who you are talking about.

Anonymous asked:
Well I guess I'm a coward then, but you really don't want to know who I am.. Believe me.

I was thought to never believe in cowards.
But what’s so wrong with knowing who you are? What’s the worst the can happen? You unfallow me?

Anonymous asked:
Well how did you picture me?

Well I hoped to no longer see a smileless grey face with shades on.

pickles-the-drummer asked:
lol yeee emily gave me your link and I was oh right on sandro

Is it bad I don’t think I know who that is ahah

pickles-the-drummer asked:
whaaaaaat up man blow:) lol its kate

What’s up my niggah! Aha dope that I haven’t used tumblr in ages and soon as I go on in the first time in months you start fallowing me :P

Anonymous asked:
Probably not... I guess you're right, I'm just afraid...

That sucks anon I didn’t picture you as a coward.

mindd--mischief asked:
did you get my last message im not sure if i sent itt

Nope, I didn’t. :P


ur a cutie and if anyone tells u otherwise let me know i will light them on fire

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